Health Benefits

We proudly serve YoCream Frozen Yogurt that is packed full of good and delicious health benefits for you.  Listed below are all the yummy details.  You can also find all the nutritional details and information by clicking on the Yo Cream link below.

Good for your bones

  • A good source of calcium:  Adequate calcium as part of a healthful diet may reduce the risk of osteoporosis


Good for your tummy

  • Helps maintain a healthy digestive tract

  • Increased digestibility for indviduals with lactose intolerance

Supports wellness

  • Helps maintain general digestive health and body immunity

  • Low Sodium:  Diets low in sodium may reduce the risk of high blood pressure, a disease associated with many factors

Promotes a healthy lifestyle

  • Packed with probiotics to promote a healthy immune and digestive system

  • Low Cholesterol

Other Great Benefits

  • All YoCream Frozen Yogurts are certified by the National Yogurt Association and proudly display the Live & Active Cultures Seal

  • All YoCream products are Kosher Certified

  • Gluten free*

  • No high fructose corn syrup**


 * Except for Red Velvet Cake, Cake Batter, Whoppers and Cookies & Cream, which contain gluten.

**Except Cookies & Cream, as there is HFCS in the Oreo Cookies